Sauda E Kuch Ni By Raju Punjabi - Radio Haryanvi

Sauda E Kuch Ni Raju Punjabi

Song : Sauda E Kuch Nahi

Singer: Raju Punjabi

Starring : Raju Punjabi and Binder Danoda

Co Artist : Amar kataria and Monu Surehtiya

Lyrics: Binder Danoda and Ramesh Chahal

Music: Raju Punjabi

Dop: Munish Sharma

Director: Kuldeep Rathee

Edit/Di: Romyo Rider

Production/Management : Monu Surehtiya

Producer : MK Chaudhary

Label : Mhara Tv

Online/Digital Promotion: Navi Baadliwal (9910117138)

Sauda E Kuch Ni By Raju Punjabi - Radio Haryanvi
Sauda E Kuch Ni By Raju Punjabi – Radio Haryanvi

Latest Haryanvi song 2020 ‘Sauda E Kuch Ni’ sung by Raju Punjabi. Music of the song is also composed by Raju Punjabi while the lyrics by Binder Danoda And Ramesh Chahal. Music video of the ‘Sauda E Kuch Ni’ Haryanvi song is directed by Kuldeep Rathi. To know more about Raju Punjabi’s latest Haryanvi video song watch the video. Check out Kuldeep‘s More Videos Direction Like Songs,Movies,Vlogs,etc. You Can Also View This Video Song On Youtube which is embedded Here Below. Or Download Our Official Application From The Play Store Search Radio Haryanvi

Caller Tune Of Sauda E Kuch Ni By Raju Punjabi
Sauda E Kuch Nahi

Idea Subscribers Dial :- 53712161041

Voda Subscribers Dial :- 53712161041

BSNL-E/S Subscribers Dial :- 12161041

Lake Mackup Hori Soni

Idea Subscribers Dial :- 53712161039

Voda Subscribers Dial :- 53712161039

BSNL-E/S Subscribers Dial :- 12161039

Ye Hain Apne Pyare Neta

Idea Subscribers Dial :- 53712161054

Voda Subscribers Dial :- 53712161054

BSNL-E/S Subscribers Dial :- 12161054

Ye Hain Mr. Baba Fandi

Idea Subscribers Dial :- 53712161056

Voda Subscribers Dial :- 53712161056

BSNL-E/S Subscribers Dial :- 12161056

Aagi Ib Ranjhya Ki Bari

Idea Subscribers Dial :- 53712161063

Voda Subscribers Dial :- 53712161063

BSNL-E/S Subscribers Dial :- 12161063

Fan Bano To Fouji Ka Ban

Idea Subscribers Dial :- 53712161066

Voda Subscribers Dial :- 53712161066

BSNL-E/S Subscribers Dial :- 12161066

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